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Monday, October 29, 2018   /   by Amy McLeod

From 'Halloween' to 'The Amityville Horror,' What Classic Horror-Film Houses Really Cost

Any horror movie fans worth their blood-drenched carving knives know that the brooding houses where villains stalk victims are often central to the most memorable moments in these gruesome flicks. Remember when Michael Myers falls off the balcony in "Halloween"? Or the haunted cookie-cutter suburban home in "Poltergeist"? How about the ending of "The Exorcist," when a possessed Father Damien Karras hurls himself out the bedroom window and tumbles down the stairs to his death? These homes were integral to the horror.
So as the ultimate Halloween treat, we decided to do a bit of real estate stalking of our own to locate the actual abodes used in five classic horror movies to see how they've held up, and how much they're worth today. To our delight, some of them—such as the "Poltergeist" house—still look like they did in the films, just with taller trees or a new paint job.
While none of these iconic places is currently for sale, it's worth noting that ...

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