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Friday, May 18, 2018   /   by Amy McLeod

Exploring Salem Oregon: Schreiner’s Iris Gardens Bloom Season 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018 - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Repeating every Friday until May 31, 2018
Tour Schreiner's Iris Gardens’ 10-acre display gardens filled with over 500 named Irises. Iris-themed gifts, glassware, handcrafted artwork, gardening tools and accessories. Fresh-cut Irises are available for purchase every day, weather permitting. $5 per car.

Schreiner's Iris Gardens
3625 Quinaby Rd. NE
Salem, OR 97303
503-393-3232 or 800-525-2367

Courtesy of Amy McLeod, The McLeod Group Network

Photo Credit: travelsalem.com

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Thursday, May 17, 2018   /   by Amy McLeod

Moving Up to Your Dream Home? Don’t Wait!

Mortgage interest rates have risen by more than half of a point since the beginning of the year, and many assume that if mortgage rates rise, home values will fall. History, however, has shown this not to be true.
Where are home values today compared to the beginning of the year?
While rates have been rising, so have home values. Here are the most recent monthly price increases reported in the Home Price Insights Report from CoreLogic:
·         January: Prices were up 0.5% over the month before.
·         February: Prices were up 1% over the month before.
·         March: Prices were up 1.4% over the month before.
Not only did prices continue to appreciate, the level of appreciation accelerated over the first quarter. CoreLogic believes that home prices will increase by 5.2% over the next twelve months.
How ...

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Friday, May 11, 2018   /   by Amy McLeod

Exploring Salem Oregon: Salem Etsy Spring Handmade & Vintage Market

Over 70 local vendors with unique, handcrafted goodies of all kinds under one roof.  Shop local for all your gifts, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, weddings, baby showers, birthday, etc. Free admission.
Jackman-Long Building, Oregon State Fairgrounds
2330 17th St NE
Salem, OR 97301
Courtesy of Amy McLeod, The McLeod Group Network

Photo Credit: travelsalem.com

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018   /   by Amy McLeod

Renting Out an In-Law Unit: Pros and Cons for Homeowners Hoping to Turn a Profit

An in-law unit can be a major selling point when you're buying a house. It's the perfect guesthouse for short-term visits (your adult children coming for Christmas) or long-term stays (Grandma moving in with you). But what can you do with your in-law unit while it's sitting empty? Some homeowners opt to rent it out.
Nothing sounds sweeter than extra monthly cash flow, but is it really that simple? Let's dive into the pros and cons of renting out your in-law unit and what you can expect to deal with as a property manager.
What is an in-law unit?
To qualify as an in-law unit, this part of the house should have its own entrance, bathroom, and kitchen or kitchenette, says Stephanie Trevizo, a real estate agent and landlord in Los Angeles.
If your home listing says it comes with an in-law unit, you should make sure it legally qualifies as one in your municipality.
"This can usually be done by calling your local housing authority or city ...

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